What Is The Challenge?

Create an entry featuring at least one wild ingredient.

Entries may be hot, cold, frozen, liquid… any form you feel like creating.

How does it work?

1. Source

Get out into your natural environment!

Dive, Walk, Climb,
Fish, Forage, Hunt,
Barter, Gather.

More Effort
= More Points.

2. Harvest

Beach, Bush, Mountain, River, Forest, Ocean, Lake.
Your Garden or
Someone Else’s

More Local Ingredients
= More Points

3. Prepare

Shuck, Slice, Marinate,
Chop, Smoke, Bake
Ferment, Pickle, Distill, Brew.

Bring Most of Your Dish Prepared in Advance.

4. Enter

Write a Story
About Your Dish

What happened on your
Culinary Adventure?
Ingredients? Inspiration?

Fill Out Registration Form.
Eat, Drink & Have Fun.

How The Dishes Are Judged.

Our Judging & Scoring system is designed to keep a level playing field
for everyone- professional & amateur alike.

Our criteria is divided into four categories:
Each category is worth up to 10 points for a 40 point maximum score.


Tell us the story of your efforts to gather and prepare your dish. From picking edible wild flowers to hunting wild boar. From fermenting feral apples to curing wild fish. These kinds of efforts can be equally valuable in the judges scoring.


Taste is subjective. Sweet, sour, bitter, salty, your flavors can be as simple or complex as you like.


The ingredients you use can be from the wild, a friend or a neighbor. The more wild and locally grown ingredients the better. We encourage people to connect with each other across the community to source as wide a variety of ingredients as possible.


From plates, platters, glasses and mugs, to a slab of wood, a piece of stone, shells, bottles, bowls – anything goes. Get creative and have fun with your entry. You can present your entry any way you like.


© Local Wild Food Challenge 2019