Local Wild Food Challenge – Verduno May 2018

Snow to 1000m!

This was the forecast for our 2018 Italian LWFC in the hills of Piedmonte.
Europe had waded through the heaviest winter in 40 years and spring was still struggling to make itself felt.

Undeterred, our contestants reached back into their dry stores, freezers, hunting connections and lowland forests to come up with some fabulous entries.
Deer, Wild Boar, Rustic Pastas, Ancient Breads, Fragrant Herb Dips were front and center.

Local Wild Food Creations from the Verduno 2018 challenge

Our village market and local artisan stalls started early and got the best of the weather. Buoyed, we decided to set up the judging area, outdoor bars and food area in the beautiful gardens of Castillo di Verduno.
But as we opened the 4th annual Italian LWFC, the heavens opened up and wind literally blew the judges tent apart.
The scramble to re – set inside the old castle began.

Take two. Inside, we were warm, dry and hungry.
Competitors ready and excited to be cooking together, competing for the honors, but sharing in the community vibe.

The Wild Cocktail competition between local bars in the area, got underway and ran concurrently with the wild food challenge in the dining room next door.

The bad weather concentrated everyone attending into a much smaller space and made for a classic ‘cheek by jowl’ event, with people eating, drinking and partying almost on top of the judging and cooking areas.

After a really fun day, Mayor of Verduno Alfonso Brero and Chef Alessandra di Buglioni of Castello di Verduno handed out some very well deserved prizes, including a trip to Finland to take part in the next leg of LWFC international series.

Next year in this really special part of Europe, we are looking forward to a huge 5 year anniversary event, complete with a wild food tour of the coast and hills, truffle hunts, foraging, cooking classes multi-day LWFC event and tons more good Piedmontese food and wine.

Don’t miss this one!

The Winners

Grand Prize – Alice Bertorello and Eleonora Alessandria
Best Effort – Federica Pozzi and Daniella Speafico
Wildest Ingredient  – Clara Cassina
Best Local Ingredient– Davide Arnulfo
Best Kids Creation – Viola Tea and Carlotta Mariella

Congratulations to you all on your beautiful wild creations…we loved them all!

LWFC Winners Verduno 2018