We are the Mansons. We love the outdoors and we love to cook.
We’ve cooked for all kinds of people all over the world and incorporated
outdoor lifestyle and food into each place we have lived.

In 2016 – 2017 we will produce 8 Local Wild Food Challenges in 5 countries.


After spending years in the mountains of France we now divide our year living between Eastbourne, near Wellington NZ, and Martha’s Vineyard, an island off of the northeast coast of the US.  As people who travel and cook we have been amazed to discover just how much good wild food is right on the door step.

This discovery has been largely due to friends, fellow enthusiasts, accomplished fishermen, hunters, gatherers & foragers. We thank these people for sharing with us their local knowledge & bounty of wild treats.

Beautiful Environments. Intriguing Ingredients. Good Clean Locals. Get Amongst It!


A Local Wild Food Community.
For the people, by the people.

Founded in 2008 The Local Wild Food Challenge is A Culinary Adventure Competition. Local Wild Food Challenges are designed to showcase the resourcefulness of local people living in communities where wild food is available.

From one small contest in Eastbourne, NZ we now have 8 challenges in 5 countries across the world.

Be a Partner and Grow with us.


Our Mission. Promote understanding, appreciation & sustainability of these fantastic resources surrounding us.

We believe that, the deeper you venture into your environment, the more motivation you have to protect it. Broad judging criteria & different prize categories make it easy for anyone to enter. We now have Challenges around the world in: New Zealand’s North & South Islands,  Finland,  USA, France & Italy.

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