Wild Food Challenge Event- Finland 2017

Join Us On A Wild Food Adventure in Finland

It’s in our Nature. Join us to explore the True North Finland, September 2017.

We have teamed up with Kontiki Finland who have curated an amazing 7 and 4 night program that offers a unique insight into North Finland in true wild Finnish style.

For all enquiries and bookings please contact Sarah info@kontikifinland.com


The Local Wild Food Challenge: Tuusula, Finland – 27.09 – 01.10.17

The Journey – 7 Night Program // 24.09 – 01.10.17 // 3,313 euros per person

Transportation from Helsinki to Saimaa Lakeland, with it’s 4,400km2 network of waterways,some of the cleanest air and water in Europe can be found here, hosting an abundance of tasty details.
1 Night Accommodation at Sahanlahti Resort
2 Nights Accommodation at Punkaharju Historic Hotel
4 Nights Accommodation at Hotel Krapi, 2017 host of the Local Wild Food Challenge.
Includes all activities listed below, as well as visit to Savonlinna Castle, Tea Tasting, Learning to trap & Tasting of Freshwater Crayfish, various tastings and other experiences.


The Shorter Way – 4 Night Program // 27.09 – 01.10.17 // 1,995 euros per person

4 Nights Accommodation at Hotel Krapi, 2017
Host of the Local Wild Food Challenge.
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included on each full day.
Guided Activities including both Helsinki City Centre Sightseeing and Gastronomy tour, guided Mushroom picking in the National Forest and Entry or Partcipation in the Local Wild Food Challenge.

The Journey Itinerary

Day 1 – 24.09.17 (Dinner)
Guests will meet with their host at a convenience Helsinki City Location for journey to Saimaa Lakeland, one of the most sought-after regions of Finland, with it’s network of 4,400km2 of water. As one of Europe’s
largest natural freshwater lakes, it boasts clean air, pure waters and an array of Wild animals and foods thriving in the Organic forests of the region.
Arriving to the charming family-run Tertti Manor in Mikkeli during the afternoon, guests are welcomed with a sparkling beverage handmade from the local herbs or fruits grown on location.
Exclusive visit to the Chef’s Private Cellar, where they receive a tasting session of the “test” batches of pickles and preserves, including both sweet and savoury elements.
Dinner is served at the main restaurant with an emphasis on local meats and home grown vegetables in variousways.
After dinner, journey by road to Sahanlahti Resort,where guests enjoy an evening nightcap and overnight in the hotel.

Day 2 – 25.09.17 (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
Breakfast buffet served at the main building. Morning excursion nearby to the hotel to check the Crayfish traps that have been placed the night before.
Crayfish are a regional delicacy, thriving only in the cleanest of moving waters, such as the local Streams.
Returning to the hotel, guests can visit to the small museum right next to the hotel, plus enjoy some free time to enjoy the surroundings or take a stroll across the nearby stream and lake coastline.
Meanwhile, a lunch, including a taste of the Crayfish is being prepared for you.
Journey after lunch of less than 2 hours, arriving at Punkaharju Hotel, located only 40km or so away from the Russian Border.
Punkaharju Hotel, in the mid 1840’s, was a 3 room hotel for travelers in the region, extended with permission of Alexander II, the Tsar of the time, to become a State Hotel with 10 rooms.
Guests are welcomed to check in to the newly refurbished chic and stylish rooms, before embarking on a forest walk to learn about the local mushrooms, which are a definitie highlight of this regions offerings.
The Sauna will be warmed this evening, where women and men can bathe seperately (or in couples if desired).
Sauna in Finland is not usually mixed and guests can wear bathing suits or towels.

Day 3 – 26.09.17
Breakfast at the hotel before embarking on a full day journey to Savonlinna, the largest city in the region and home to an annual Summer Opera Festival in the Castle grounds.
Savonlinna Castle was first under construction in 1475, as a fortification to protect the Swedish Crown (which ruled Finland at that time) from attacks from the nearby Russian border area.
Surrounded mainly by water, today Savonlinna Castle is a proud symbol of the region and its history of the Savo region of Finland.
After the viewing of the castle, guests will take the scenic drive to Juva, a small village area to the East of Savonlinna.
On arrival to Wehmais TeaHouse, there is time to visit the Deco and Deli art, homewares and food shop, or enjoy the interesting interior decoration of this working dairy farm.3 – 2
As a family run business, currently operated by the daughter of the household, Anna, who will be soon be working to achieve the title of first “Tea Sommelier” in Finland!
This interesting practice will open the guest’s eyes to the subtle taste of tea and how to pair them with food.
Enjoy a lunch and guided tea tasting.
Returning back towards Punkaharju,there may be time (if desired by the guests and suitable weather) to take a 30 minute additional journey to visit (at least the exterior) of Kerimäki Wooden church, which is the largest wooden church in the world, built in 1847.
Arriving back to the Punkaharju hotel, where guests have time to rest and relax before enjoying a 3 course dinner at the main dining hall of the Hotel.
Overnight as previous night, in the calming rooms at the main hotel.

The Shorter Way begins


27.09 – 01.10.17
Day 4 – 27.09 (Breakfast & Dinner)
Breakfast at the hotel, before heading South towards Tuusula, just a short journey outside of Helsinki.
On arrival to Hotel Krapi, check in and welcome to the Krapi Estate, hearing stories about the buildings and the history of the previous and current family owners.
Welcome aperitif, followed by the KrapiHovi Autumn buffet, which includes many choices of home-smoked meats and fresh breads, Finnish speciality fish dishes, soup and salads. Main courses to be advised closer to the time, served at the table, followed by light dessert and tea /
coffee. Included on this welcome evening is 2 glasses of wine.
Overnight accommodation in the newly renovated hotel, siutated in the former cow shed.

Day 5 / Day 2 – 28.09 (Breakfast, Snacks & Dinner)
Breakfast at the hotel.
Collection with local guide & driver for a group day excursion to Helsinki. Sightseeing of all the major sights in the city, including Helsinki Cathedral, Senate Square and views of the Uspenski Cathedral, Finlandia Talo and Finnish Parliament.
Guests will visit to the Harbour Market area, including the indoor Old Market Hall, where there is plenty to learn about Finnish and Nordic Food Culture, also visiting Helsinki’s Old indoor market, for food tastings, including smoked fish, Rye bread, some specialist meats and for example Salted Liquorice, which is a very Finnish candy snack, that has a “love it or hate it” reputation!
Tastings are light, but we end the tour with Coffee and Finnish Coffee Cafe “Pulla”, a sweet roll flavoured with Cardamom. Some free time for some more lunch if guests desire.
Journey into the city to the Old Abbatoir area, now a trendy urban food venue to find The Helsinki Distillery Company, proud to be the first distillery opened in Helsinki for over 100 years, when it opened its doors in
Enjoy a special guided tour and tasting of some of the innovative and clean tastes found here, with highlights such as:
*Premium Hand Crafted Whiskey made from Finnish Rye and Barley, Helsinki Dry Gin with Arctic Lingonberries & Helsingfors Fiskehamns Akvavit made with Caraway, Fennel and dill seeds and fresh lemon peel.
Evening Dinner at one of Helsinki’s notable Restaurants such as Grön, with award winning chefs and an emphasis on plant-based local, organic and seasonal produce from Scandinavia.

Day 6 – 29.09 (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
Morning guided tour of “Ainola”, the former Home of Jean Sibelius, where he shared many years with his wife and children.
Lunch back at the hotel before journey to meet with local nature guide Hannu Ylönen in the National Forest to the East of Helsinki, to forage in the forests, identifying wild herbs, spruce tips, and during Autumn many berries and mushrooms. Campfire with coffee and a snack lunch during the trip. Good walking shoes and outdoor clothing are recommended to bring from home.
In the late afternoon, arrive back to Krapihovi to deliver you foraged food to the kitchens. Traditional Smoke Sauna on your return, right on the Lakeside of Tuusula Lake, with pier for swimming in the cool Autumn lake. Sauna in Finland is not mixed (unless couples like to go together) usually we have mens and women’s turns, guests can wear bathing suits.
Homecooked Dinner with Local Wild Food Challenge founder Billy Manson and Anna Holma from the owning family of KrapiHovi Estate.

Day 7 – 30.09 (Breakfast & Dinner)
Breakfast at the hotel. Free morning to explore the area on foot, or prepare to join the Local Wild Food Challenge!
Lunch at guest’s own leisure.
Afternoon of participating or as a spectator.
Street Food style dinner (casual event) at the hotel where the event is taking place, including vouchers for 2 glasses of wine or beer from the Krapin Paja Event space during the afternoon or evening.
Overnight in the hotel as previous nights.

Day 8 – Sunday 01.10.17 (Breakfast)
Breakfast at the hotel.
Guests can pre book a taxi from the hotel reception, as transfer to the airport is independent.
For those staying later in the day, Brunch buffetwill be available at the main KrapiHovi Estate Home.
Farewell to Finland!
Throughout your tour, we offer 24 hour telephone support, daily guidance and experiences tailored for the Local Wild Food Challenge guests.
This tour has been tailored to deliver the best of Finland’s Seasonal Wild Food, along with a varied program exploring Finland’s history, culture and people. You will meet many different characters along the way, all sharing in the love of food and nature’s harvest.
We love what we do and what we eat – It’s in our nature!


Download the Local Wild Food Challenge Finland Tour 2017 PDF here



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