Introducing Nate – Chef, Forager, Local Wild Food Challenge Winner & Judge!

We are delighted that Nate Danby, the winner of our Italian Local Wild Food Challenge will be one of the judges at our Finland challenge next Saturday!

Nate’s stunning winning wild creation ‘What Nature Brings Us’ A beautiful vegetarian plate of Pokeweed, Wild Fennel, Stinging Nettle and Mustard Flowers.

Verduno wild dish 11


We wanted to find out a little more about Nate:


  • You are British Nate so why were you in Italy and able to enter the Verduno Local Wild Food Challenge?
    I am doing a years masters in Italy studying in a Cookery school linked with the slow food organisation with the emphasis on sustainable gastronomy.  It ranges from practical kitchen theory to the science behind kitchen processes and field trips learning production methods and farming techniques, from wheat production to biodynamic farming and chocolate making. It covers a pretty wide range of the topics.
  • Where are you at the moment Nate?
    I have just finished a very busy last week working in Norway, I have been out here for two months over the summer working in a restaurant in the small village of Flam, right in the middle of the Fjords, very close to some great nature, woodland perfect for mushrooms.
  • What wild ingredients have you foraged/hunted/fished? On my few off days I’ve managed to venture out and found plenty of chanterelle and porcini which is such a luxury!
  • Next stop the Finland Local Wild Food Challenge as a judge rather than a competitor this time. What wild ingredients are you expecting to see?
    I am very much looking forward to the Finland trip. I have been told to expect some pike fishing and looking forward to tasting some local fish, fishing is something I am new too and would love to try it out.
  • What are your top tips for those entering the challenge? I would say one thing, pay respect to the ingredients you go through so much effort to collect. Don’t mess about with it too much! Let the quality of the ingredients do the talking 🙂



Foraging Stories in Tuusula, Finland – Location of the Local Wild Food Challenge

The beautiful lake area near Helsinki, famous for it’s artists, writers, activists and poets, is also a foraging, fishing and cooking hub.

During the Local Wild Food Tuusula last year, we hooked up with some locals and foraged mushrooms and berries from the nearby national park. Chanterelles, Porcinis and Coral mushrooms were plentiful, along with Lingonberries, Blueberries, forest plants, herbs and lichens.
Foraging in these forests is a multi-generational pastime all over Finland. I have been out hunting for these morsels with kids as young as five and grandparents as old as the hills, all scrambling around together!
It always excites me to get back to the Nordic forests for the Local Wild Food Challenge and the possibility of finding another seam of golden of Chanterelles.
Equally fun and delicious (if you can hook one) is the fishing on the lake right outside the Hotel Krapi where the Local Wild Food Tuusula event is held.
I have spent some classic afternoons on this lake with my Finnish mates, fishing for Perch, and Pike. We would cruise around the lake shore, casting and catching fat, brightly colored fish from the cold, clean water. These Perch and Pike are ideal for the smoker and the frying pan and we always see a few represented during the challenge.
Fishing with the Finns!
As we loop back toward the hotel, smoke from the old school wood fire sauna wafts across the lake. An aromatic reminder of a post-fishing cleanse awaiting on the shoreline.
The fridge outside the wooden hut is full of ice cold Finnish beer, a cooling treat after the intense smoky heat of the lakeside sauna. Fishing stories, (like foraging stories) flow and the evening wraps up a classic Nordic day in the forest and on the water.

Join us for October 1st at Hotelli Krapi in Tuusula for the Finland LWFC.

A great day of wild foods, talks and demos, music, local culture and outdoor activities will be something fantastic to be a part of.
Flights to Helsinki are easy to find and rooms are available at the venue for the weekend.

All the info you need for our Local Wild Food Challenge, Tuulusa, Finland, October 1st 2016


An open and free event for everybody – welcome!

At the core of the day is an open cooking competition. You are challenged to create a dish consisting of at least one wild ingredient.


Restaurant Mankeli opens serving delicious food all day long
A free flee market opens
The REKO food circle of local producers will sell local products
The competition opens!
You can follow the contestants cooking at the Ali-Tupa kitchen. You can also bring your finished dish to the judges.
For the children there will be a sami tipi to draw and and spot the wild herbs etc.
Workshops at the Aitta begin. Come join the conversation!
13:30 Hunting and game keeping. Veikko Seuna from the Keski-Uusimaa’s Game Administration
14:00 Sustainable gastronomy as a professional path. Minna Junttila from JAMK University of Applied Sciences
14:30 Local food and transparent production chain. Petra Pusa from Anton and Anton
15:00 Natural Products for the consumers! Nature’s wild ingredients form the consumer’s perspective. Annika Hannus from Helsinki Wildfoods Oy.
15:30 Tuusula’s food circle of local producers, REKO, presents itself. Join the delivery events to buy straight from the original producers. Tarja Rantanen, REKO
The competition closes and the judges make their decisons
Live music, good food and drinks and the presentation of the Wild Food creations. Krapin Paja will present!
The Prize Ceremony
Everybody welcome to support the competitors
The event closes
Krapi Jazz –celebration


Anikó Lehtinen, an experienced writer and blogger

Anne Holma, the winner of the last year’s competition

Nathan Cal Danby, the winner of the Local Wild Food Challenge in Verduno, Italy


Bill Manson, Local Wild Food Challenge founder.

Helsinki Wildfoods Oy

Tuusula’s REKO, the food circle of local producers

The Gaming and hunting Administration of Keski-Uusimaa

JAMK University of Applied Sciences

Anton & Anton



To be announced soon




Packages available, please contact


Local Wild Food Challenge – Tuusula, Finland – Slideshow 2015

Watch our slideshow from last year’s challenge in Tuusula, Finland! Packed full of wild ingredients & creations. We can’t wait to get back to Finland on October 1st and join the team at Krapihovi for another Local Wild Food Challenge!